• HOT Stone Massage Therapy

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      Nowadays, large amount of citizens are not in their best of  health, easy to be tired, however, if you could have a body massage with hot stone after a long day of operating computers, that will be amazing. Hot stone therapy is a highly detoxifying type of massage. The stones themselves actually become the tools, and the heat helps to relax the muscles and assimilate the circulation, allowing the toxins to come up to the surface of the skin.

    rock therapy massageThe full body massage includes the head, neck, shoulders, back, legs, hands, and feet. EZ  Wellness Center  allows you to experience a world of tranquil relaxation through reflexology and full body massages at a very affordable price! Please note that tips and gratuity are not reflected in our pricing and are appreciated by each of our therapists. Our receptionist will be happy to add the gratuity to your charge


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