• Estetica Espiritual Class

    • $230.00

      Spiritual Esthetic Workshop date to be announced

      Mind, Body and Soul

      Your dreams become reality when you think that they can.  If you ask the majority of people who imagine the dream of the perfect life for them, honestly I doubt that people would be completely frank in reveal their fantasies.  In many cases, there may be an element of shame because her or his dream seems so far-fetched from their current reality. Nobody wants to fail? In some cases, it may be lack of knowledge. Perhaps it is because they lack the support they need when they seem that the doors are closed, and come to a brick wall. It has clearly established that the life and dreams perform better with the help of people who voluntarily offer their help and the positive power of sharing a helping hand.  Life is to short and while it  takes some people a life time to learn it might take others a short time to experience the simplicity of life. Some people expend way to much time trying to find the answer to their existence and forget to live today.    Our mission  is to help others to archive their goal and to enjoy life at the fullness. To learn how to make life easier, learn how inspires other to go further in life.  To believe in their dreams as we believe in ours.  Learn to  live  Pain free using the power of your mind.

    Estetica Espiritual workshop

    New York October 2014

    workshop Hispano 2

    Workshop Hispano 1

    Convention in West Palm Beach November 2014